It's a Boy!               
Pleased to announce that our Alice (Aethelflaed
of Cotons from the Enchanted Hills) has safely
delivered a beautiful tri-color boy early on
Sunday morning, June 1,2014. We call him our
Bonnie Prince Charming. Being an only child he
is sure to be treated like a Prince by his
doting Mama. Boo (Boo Too of Columbia Gorge
Cotons) is the proud Papa. Prince will be ready
for adoption in early August
. Click on his
picture to go to some video on my face book

Welcome To Enchanted Hills Farm
Nestled in the foothills of Oregon's Coast Range,
Enchanted Hills farm is an ideal location to raise and train
outstanding animal companions. We are currently
breeding Malagasy Coton De Tulear dogs and Friesian
Sport Horses.
Our animal friends are all cared for with lots of TLC and
respect. It is our philosophy that all species be raised
balancing their natural lifestyles and needs with the best
that modern science  and husbandry has to offer, and that
while gentle and consistent handling is necessary to raise
a good citizen,  you can never give them too much love.
Dr. Johnson, who owns and manages Enchanted Hills,
has had 26 years of experience in veterinary practice and
ensures that all animals at Enchanted Hills get only the
best care to keep them healthy and happy.
All animals are treated as family members
Daily veterinary supervision
'Natural' training methods  
'Natural' lifestyles
For more specific information regarding
Malagasy Coton De Tulear pups or our horses
please use the above navigation bars.
Boudicca as a pup
Proud to announce Vala snuck off to deliver
her foal in the woods on 7/18/13.
He's 3/4 Andalusian & 1/4 Friesian, good
looking and quite a character. We've named
him Fjioran for the Norse god of the forests
We are proud to be recognised as
a CTCA code of Ethics breeder
Our horse page is finally up!
Use the tab at the top to see
the Enchanted Hillls herd