All of  our 2012 Coton litter have found great homes. Check
back with us in 2013 to see when the next litter might be
expected. Contact me if you would like to be put on the
2013 puppies mailing list and get updates on breeding and
due date.


         Aphrodite has found a wonderful forever home

              Demeter has found her wonderful forever home.

                       Apollo (above)
    has found a wonderful forever home

                     Poseidon (above)
             has found a wonderful  forever home

                          Artemis (above)
                has found a wonderful  forever home      

                    Zeus ( above)
        has found a wonderful forever home
Malagasy Royal Coton De Tulear

Boudicca's formal name is Enchanted
Hill's Boudicca of Ashlan
. She is a
tricolor CTCA registered 97%
Malagasy breeding quality female,
born is February of 2005.
She is an extremely smart, playful and
happy dog and considers herself,
quite rightly, to be a full fledged
family member. She loves adventure
of all sorts, is very athletic and is
certainly not afraid to get dirty. As you
can see from her pictures she can
grow a beautiful full long hair coat,
but because she so enjoys helping
with the farm chores we have chosen
to clip her hair for easy cleaning and
A dog of all worlds she can prance
and show off with the finest of show
dogs, and her charm, grace and
sense of humour have won her many
invitations to visit in our friends
homes. On the other hand she can
'get down' with the farm dogs playing
with the goats, rolling in manure and
chewing hoof trimmings like the other
'good ole hounds'.
Boudicca, with a kennel trim
-February 2007
Boudicca, in full coat, with our own  
Miss Oregon Teen America
ALL 'Cotons' are not the same!
Currently in the US you will find many pups
identified as Coton De Tulear. Boudicca, her
pups and her ancestors come from a unique
group better known as the  
Royal Malagasy
Coton De Tulear.
These dogs are a hardy,
happy, physically and mentally sound breed
which developed over the centuries on the
island of Madagascar. The Malagasy Coton
De Tulear were originally imported by Dr. Jay
Russell, who has bred them for 32 years and
is the founder and president of the CTCA. Dr.
Russell and the CTCA have upheld and
enforced the highest standards to assure
that the original type, temperment, and vigour
of these wonderful dogs has stayed true to
their ancestors on Madagascar, and the
Royal Malagasy Coton De Tulear are only
available through CTCA Code of Ethics
The other Cotons are of the French or
European variety. Small, generally white
dogs similar to the Maltese. In fact these
dogs have been interbred with the Maltese
and Bichon. While cute, the Euro-Coton is not
a true representative of the Original Coton De
Tulear from Madagascar.
Only a CTCA
recognised Royal Malagasy Coton De
Tulear is a genuine Royal Malagasy Coton
De Tulear, and they are wonderful!