Elessar is a 2007 Fresian Sport horse gelding. His sire is Solstice Farms registered
Fresian 'Alex' and his dam is our own registered TB mare 'Hey Teacher'.  'El' is a
gorgeous mover, very athletic, and quite clever. He has great potential for dressage or
possibly as an event horse. (He has easily jumped 4 feet of fencing from a stand still to
get back to his Mama) Elessar has started under saddle with Steve Rother and is going
very well at all three gaits.  He is offered this year for sale at $7,000.
SOLD- El has found
a wonderful home

Click here for you tube  video of Elessar!

Vala is a 2001 Warlander mare (Fresian x Andalusian). Gorgeous, clever, athletic, handy
and fearless on trails she is  an all around outstanding mare. She is in foal to
Andalusian stallion
Armani, with  foal expected late summer 2013. Click his name to
learn more about the sire.

Legolas is a 2003 Fresian sporthorse. His sire is Draven, formerly of Excalibur Farm in
Minnesota, his dam is our own TB mare 'Hey Teacher'. Big, strong, gentle and fun to ride
'Legs' is a pocket pony at heart. Legolas is not for sale.

Hey Teacher' is our registered TB mare. After 5 years on the track she has semi retired
to life as a pet, trail horse and sometimes brood mare. She is mother to both Legolas
and to Elessar, a very sweet mare, and so fun to ride! Teacher is not for sale

Montana is our little rescue pony. She was found on the road side in rural Oregon, her
original owners were never found. She is
very old, and blind, but a sassy happy pony.
Sadly our little Montana passed away in the fall of 2010, her passing was easy, and she
will be missed.
We are big fans of baroque horses,
though any and all horses are loved
here. Our horses live with the best
combination of natural lifestyle and
modern health care. That means we do
our best to recreate the lifestyle and
husbandry of a wild horse, that to which
horses are best adapted, but where
modern methods can improve their
care,or where natural conditions can't
be  realistically achieved we do what is
best for the horses. Our horse keeping
- 100% turnout - pasture life with
shelters available
- barefoot - natural trim and conditioning
- natural diet, but enhanced. Hay and
whole grains are the staples, and of
course 24/7 access to grazing. Vitamin
and mineral supplements are added to
their diets
- natural horsemanship training
methods - much as the boss mare
leads her herd, we use equine style
communication to train our equine
companions. These are big animals, so
respect and manners are a must, but
they can be taught with firm yet gentle
- bitless - no horse bred by us has ever
tasted a bit, and those who have come
to us later in life have not felt a bit since
arriving here.
-though not 'natural' we do vaccinate .   
It has been my experience in 25 years
of veterinary practice that vaccination
is a useful tool and does protect
animals from infectious diseases. I
believe that the choice of vaccinations
and schedule of administration must be
determined by the true risk to the
animals based on lifestyle and regional
disease prevalence.
-Though also not natural we do use
chemical dewormers. I am a big fan of
natural parasite control through
pasture rotation and herbal products,
but to use these methods effectively for
our herd we would need access to at
least 50 acres of pasture, and we don't
have that at this time. Therefore, to
keep the horses healthy we do use
dewormers on an as indicated basis-
that means if a fecal exam shows a
horse has worms the whole group is
dewormed. Using this method we did
not need to use any chemical wormer
for over 2 years, how ever last years
'rescue horse'  did bring a load of
worms, so every body has been
dewormed twice this year.
For some information on Natural
Horsemanship and horse care
check out the links below